Pet Master Free Spins and Rolls March 2023

Pet Master is a fun video game from Moon Active that blends city-building strategy with slot machine excitement. The game’s slot machines are a great way to earn coins and rewards that can be used to upgrade buildings, buy chests, and more.

Pet Master is an online mobile game for Android and IOS. It’s similar to Dice Dream, but instead of using coins, you use dice to determine your actions. You can use your dice to attack enemies or steal their treasure. As you gain money and level up, you can upgrade your fortress to keep more treasure. The game has many features that make it addictive. And best of all, it’s free to download!

Whether you’re looking to earn coins or spin free spins, earning free spins through PET master events can be a great way to boost your game’s earnings. Just be sure to play with a friend so that you can earn as much gold as possible! You can also spend the coins you earn on chests and city upgrades. Remember to be careful and play responsibly, or you’ll regret your decision.

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Pet Master Free Spins March 2023

Date Reward Claim Link
17.03.2023 Daily Bonus Collect
17.03.2023 Free Spins Collect
17.03.2023 Free Spins Collect
16.03.2023 10 Spins & 1.8M Coins Collect
16.03.2023 25 Spins Collect
15.03.2023 10 Spins & 1.8M Coins Collect
15.03.2023 25 Spins Collect
15.03.2023 25 Spins Collect

How to get free spins in Pet Master?

Free Spin Every Hour: In Pet Master, you can earn free spins by spinning the slots or winning tournaments. In addition, Pet Master has a referral system that rewards new players with free spins every hour.

The good news is that these spins regenerate at five per hour, so you won’t have to wait too long to claim them again. However, it’s important to remember that your stock of hourly free spins is capped at 50.

Complete Cards: One of the best ways to earn a lot of free spins in Pet Master is by completing card sets. These cards can be unlocked at Village Level 3; each group receives a different reward. Complete a full album of card sets, and you’ll earn thousands of free spins and tons of coins!

Raids And Attack: Pet Master is a game that looks like coin master but has some extra features not found in coin master. It is a spin, attack and raid game where the player spins the wheel, builds an item, attacks another player or raids a safe.

Social Media: To start this game, you must choose whether you want to connect to Facebook or play as a guest. After that, you can start spinning and collecting coins.

Invite Friend: Another way to earn free coins is by inviting friends to join the game via text, phone, or tablet apps. You can invite up to 90 people at any time, and each will give you a generous haul of spins.

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