Dice Dreams Free Rolls and Rewards 2022 – Claim Today Gifts

To get more Free Rolls and Rewards in Dice Dreams, you can watch the ads on the game. These ads will provide you with small amounts of rolls. You can watch these ads up to three times a day to earn more rolls. Once you have enough free rolls, you can buy more packs of dice to increase your winnings. Dice Dreams offers free Rolls and Rewards for every play.

Dice Dreams Free Rolls 2022

In Dice Dreams, you can earn free coins and Rolls by inviting your friends to join in the game. You can also compete with your friends to earn free rolls and other rewards. You can participate in a tournament to win coins, stickers, and free rolls. If you’re an active Facebook user, you can link your account with Dice Dreams to receive additional benefits. Free rolls are a great way to increase your score and level up.

In order to earn free coins and rolls, you’ll need to collect special bonus links from time to time. These links are valid for two days, so if you want to earn coins and rolls daily, you’ll need to use them within a day. Alternatively, you can enter these links every day to earn free rolls. This will give you access to a calendar of daily rewards, such as coins and free rolls.

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Dice Dreams Free Rolls January 2023

Date Rewards Claim Now
25.01.2023 Free Bonus Collect
25.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
25.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
22.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
22.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
21.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
21.01.2023 Attack X3 Collect
20.01.2023 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
20.01.2023 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
19.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
19.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
18.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
18.01.2023 Attack X3 Collect
17.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
17.01.2023 36k Coins Collect
16.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
16.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
15.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
15.01.2023 Attack X3 Collect
12.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
12.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
11.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
11.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
10.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
10.01.2023 360k Coins Collect
09.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
09.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
07.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
07.01.2023 Attack X3 Collect
06.01.2023 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
06.01.2023 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
05.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
05.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
04.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
04.01.2023 Steal X3 Collect
03.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
03.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
02.01.2023 36k Coins Collect
02.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
01.01.2023 10 Rolls Collect
01.01.2023 250k Coins Collect
31.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
31.12.2022 Steal X3 Collect
30.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trails Collect
30.12.2022 5 Trails + 5 Rolls Collect
29.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
29.12.2022 Steal X3 Collect
26.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
26.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
25.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
25.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
24.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
24.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
23.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trail Collect
23.12.2022 5 Trail + 5 Rolls Collect
22.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trail Collect
22.12.2022 5 Trail + 5 Rolls Collect
21.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
21.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
20.12.2022 Steal X3 Collect
2.12.2022 Attack X3 Collect
19.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
19.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
17.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
17.12.2022 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
16.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
16.12.2022 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
15.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
15.12.2022 500k Coins Collect
14.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
14.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
13.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
13.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
12.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
12.12.2022 Steal X3 Collect
11.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
11.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
10.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
10.12.2022 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
09.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
09.12.2022 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
08.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
08.12.2022 Attack x3 Collect
07.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
07.12.2022 Attack x3 Collect
04.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
04.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
03.12.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trial Collect
03.12.2022 5 Trial + 5 Rolls Collect
02.12.2022 Attack X3 Collect
02.12.2022 250k Coins Collect
01.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
01.12.2022 10 Rolls Collect
30.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
30.11.2022 250k Coins Collect
29.11.2022 Attack X3 Collect
29.11.2022 250k Coins Collect
28.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
28.11.2022 250k Coins Collect
27.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
27.11.2022 Steal X3 Collect
21.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
21.11.2022 1M Coins Collect
19.11.2022 5 Trails And 5 Rolls Collect
19.11.2022 5 Trails And 5 Rolls Collect
17.11.2022 1m Coins Collect
17.11.2022 Attack X3 Collect
16.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
16.11.2022 1 Tresure Hunt Collect
15.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
15.11.2022 Attack X3 Collect
14.11.2022 1.5M Coins Collect
14.11.2022 Steal X3 Collect
13.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
13.11.2022 Steal X3 Collect
12.11.2022 5 Trails + 5 Rolls Collect
12.11.2022 Steal X3 Collect
11.11.2022 5 Rolls + 5 Trails Collect
11.11.2022 5 Trails + 5 Rolls Collect
10.11.2022 Steal X3 Collect
10.11.2022 250k Coins Collect
09.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
09.11.2022 250k Coins Collect
08.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
08.11.2022 1 Tresure Hunt Collect
07.11.2022 250k Coins Collect
07.11.2022 10 Rolls Collect
06.11.2022 5 Rolls Collect
06.11.2022 5 Rolls Collect

How To Play Dice Dreams?

You can get coins and free rolls with Dice Dreams, which is a great game for those who enjoy playing dice. In the game, you must match the numbers on the dice to the squares on the grid. Matches will show up in green, and if you can fill all the squares in the grid, you’ll win the round. There are plenty of ways to earn free rolls in Dice Dreams, but there are some tips you should follow to be successful in this new game.

First, you should know that there are many events in Dice Dreams. These events can help you advance much faster. These events can require you to gather specific resources, such as gold, for instance. These resources can be obtained by raiding, stealing, or using cards. Once you have collected these resources, you can use them to build a castle and get extra goodies. Remember, the more resources you collect, the better.

What Is Dice Dreams?

In addition to giving you the chance to earn free dice rolls, you can also unlock Dice Dreams stickers. These are small pieces of artwork that are displayed on the screen in order to increase your dice roll total. You can purchase these stickers from the game’s store and receive one per day. The more stickers you buy, the higher your reward. You can also connect to Facebook with your account and invite your friends to play the game. Then, you can get additional coins for each referral.

One of the best features of this game is its use of dice. They have wild effects and are used to create dreams. They can be rolled vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. In the game, the player who achieves the most dreams wins. You will need to find the right combination of dice to get the best results. You can also get bonuses for collecting resources. This is how you can earn more dice!

How To Get More Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

In the game of Dice Dreams, there are many ways for you to get more Rolls. One of the best ways is to use the reward calendar, which is a tool provided by the developers. Each day, you can log in and receive a new reward. The rewards will be in the form of coins, free rolls, and many more. To activate the calendar, click on the “Reward Calendar” option in the game.

Moreover, you can also buy extra dice rolls by purchasing stickers. These stickers are available at the game store, and you can get higher-level stickers by purchasing more expensive sticker packs. These stickers can also be exchanged for coins. Share the stickers you earn with your Facebook friends to receive more coins. Use these coins to improve your score. Once you have collected enough coins, you can use them to purchase other features in your village.

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